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The following vision and mission statement is derived from the fundamental idea that a consulting firm is successful when it delivers the highest quality:

Vision: Thanks to the compelling advantages it offers, ADVANTIS is the first choice for Swiss CFOs
Mission statement: By creating a competitive advantage, ADVANTIS offers Swiss CFOs value preservation, value appraisal and value added
However, as it is you who are assessing whether we are achieving our goal, the following also applies:

«We don't just want our clients to be satisfied, we want them to be inspired»

We do not have a financial vision as we are confident that financial success should follow automatically once these two objectives have been met.

We want to celebrate our clients' success.

In order to make this vision a reality, we must embody the core values (see Guiding principle/core values) and have the right employees to sustain these values.

Perhaps we will never manage to achieve 100% of our objectives with all of our clients, but it will not be for want of trying (see Client satisfaction). The Executive Board and many long-standing employees are highly motivated to shape precisely this culture.

«If you stop getting better, you stop being good» (Philip Rosenthal)

Appointment of Jasmine Sandra Forster as Managing director of Advantis.

Please read the press release.

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