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«For me, ADVANTIS is an aggressive insurance broker that gets the best for its clients. As a policyholder, that's the kind of broker I like to have as a partner. The company is very innovative and dedicated, which has a positive impact on premiums. They even generate good results with SUVA. The research and innovative strength of ADVANTIS is what makes the difference!»

Roger Rotach
Chief Financial Officer

«They are a competent, dedicated team. There are several players in this field and they are not all equally good. The people at ADVANTIS take time for their clients, and this is true for everyone from the CEO to the consultants. They are very reliable people who truly value their clients. I feel as though I'm in good hands. For example, you notice this in particular when you have a claim. ADVANTIS provided us with exemplary support and was always proactive. Generally speaking, you don't have to keep following up.

They also put pressure on the insurance company. Pricing is a major issue. ADVANTIS has a transparent process for choosing the best option at the best terms and conditions

Another one of its strengths is risk management. Risks are constantly reassessed.

I have been working with various brokers for more than 20 years and I know that there are major dif-ferences in the brokerage industry. ADVANTIS is much better than other brokers. It's obvious that they value high quality. If you ask me, they're one of the top three brokers. What's important to us is that they also understand the international business and have an excellent network."»

Martin Suter
Schweiter Technologies AG

Numerous employers have a long-standing relationship with ADVANTIS as their insurance broker. In addition to a high level of specialist expertise, which is a key factor, I also greatly value the long-term personal relationship. My concerns are immediately addressed and solutions reliably implemented! I can rely on this partner when it comes to insurance.

Thomas Hofer
Chief Financial Officer
Bucher Leichtbau AG

«The personal relationship plays a major role. A stable, long-term partnership is a decisive factor. I feel that there is mutual respect. My needs are taken seriously and I feel as though my questions are wel-comed. Yes, I definitely have an advantage with ADVANTIS. I've come to realise that our needs and the com-plexity of our risks/policies require an absolute professional. With ADVANTIS we conducted a com-prehensive risk analysis. Everything was examined, resulting in a comprehensive overview of the risk landscape. Their knowledge of my environment and the insurance markets is clear for all to see. Our previous partner merely provided us with standard fare.

I also know that ADVANTIS will never sell me something I don't need.

Beat Gerber
Leiter Kaufmännische Dienste
VEBO Genossenschaft

«An excellent insurance broker. Reliable, very fast. If we have questions, we receive an answer within 24 hours. We had to consolidate all of our insurance under one roof within a short period of time. We consist of four to six companies that all have a past, with different pension funds, accident insurance and daily sickness allowance contracts. We brought together all our contracts under one roof within a year. This was a complex and extensive task that was carried out seamlessly. ADVANTIS executed it perfectly. I can compare them to other providers and their high level of expertise in all areas made the difference. ADVANTIS offers you extensive, comprehensive knowledge, the extent of which I have not seen from other brokers. ADVANTIS also has a direct relationship with key individuals at insurance companies, through which offers are maximised. They don't play games.»

Rolf Demelius
Chief Financial Officer
Domis Consulting AG

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