Consulting approach

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Special mandates

Large companies, public organisations and risk carriers commission ADVANTIS with specific consulting mandates.

Examples of such mandates include:
  • Evaluating complex contractual liability issues
  • Performing comprehensive risk audits
  • Checking risk transfer systems (e.g. captive analysis) including the risk management organisation
  • Structuring and organising the risk policy and insurance business
  • Conducting feasibility studies for captives and suitable types of self-insurance solutions
  • Developing and structuring alternative risk transfer solutions
  • Performing investigations and process analyses in cases of misappropriation
  • Analysing reserves, reserve objectives and the reinsurance strategy
  • Developing key financial analysis and actuarial figures
  • Developing a profit participation system, concept and simulation
  • Performing market analyses and developing products
  • Carrying out training in the areas of insurance and risk management/consulting activities
In some cases, we are able to obtain the services of KPMG (Legal, Tax, Information Risk Management, Forensic) for these mandates.

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