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Guiding principle/core values

We are a leading independent insurance consulting firm that guarantees the highest consulting and technical standards. Our actions focus on clients and solutions. Our clients are inspired.
  1. We offer quality
    We value high-quality work. We deliver above-average performance and satisfy our clients with our competence and reliability.

  2. Competence is our trademark
    All of our employees are fully trained. We are proud of this and continue to provide our employees with further training. ADVANTIS has been awarded the highest quality rating from all insurance companies. This is also reflected in the premiums offered.

  3. We focus on clients
    We recognise and understand our clients' needs. We don't work "for" our clients, but as part of their team. We are responsible and honest.

  4. We are experienced professionals
    We have carried out comprehensive risk and insurance audits for more than 200 large companies. We recognise risks and are able to assess them.

  5. We are consultants, not sales people
    We implement the solution that is best for the client. This is not necessarily always an insurance solution.

  6. We create added value as a partner
    We have our price, but the value we add for our clients is greater.

  7. We guarantee the best price
    We are a fair but tough negotiating partner with insurance companies, for the benefit of our clients. Costs are optimised in a consistent and structured manner.

  8. We are completely independent
    Independence is an absolute requirement for developing optimal solutions. We have no financial affiliation whatsoever with any insurance provider. ADVANTIS is registered for professionalism and independence within the scope of the Insurance Supervision Act (Versicherungsaufsichtsgesetz or VAG).

  9. We are a likeable partner
    Thanks to the continuous increase in efficiency, real teamwork and mutual trust we achieve high customer satisfacion. Our clients are always very welcome!

  10. We are successful
    We embrace our core values with conviction, which is why we are successful.


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