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ADVANTIS, or its predecessor was founded in 1975. We recognised at an early stage that financial risk management would be of key importance to boards of directors and executive boards in future. Regulatory requirements (i.e. ICS, compliance), the global network (i.e. complexity, accounting) and the deregulation of insurance markets (i.e. optimisation of costs and services) made risk management so challenging that all companies recognised a great need for advice.

ADVANTIS was spun off with 13 employees in 2003. Values such as professionalism, the consulting approach (see Insurance Audit) and the high standard of training have been retained and are constantly being developed.

While many insurance brokers have emerged from the traditional distribution channel of underwriting, ADVANTIS has completely different origins. Based on an analysis of the balance sheet risks and risk capacity of a company, we advise those responsible for finances and HR not only on insurance matters (risk transfer), but we consult with them individually on how to manage corporate risks overall.

In order to meet the requirements of this far-reaching approach, we provide our clients with highly qualified consulting teams consisting of business economists and experienced insurance specialists.

All members of management who worked for ADVANTIS when it was founded are still there today. Stability and long-standing trust along with the ongoing search for innovative solutions mean that our clients can rest assured that they have the right partner in the long term.

Today, ADVANTIS employs more than 35 employees who work in small teams to advise and support our clients in all actuarial matters. A contact for every question!

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