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Scope of the broker mandate

Working together within the scope of a broker mandate is the most common form of collaboration worldwide. This is likely due to the fact that the entire consulting and support process is usually integrated. With this form of cooperation, the selected insurance broker is compensated through brokerage fees from the insurance companies that are considered. A broker mandate is valid until revoked by one of the contractual partners.

A brokerage mandate (BORL) with ADVANTIS usually comprises the following services which do not result in separate costs:

Insurance audit
We assess your risks and develop a risk profile for your company taking account of your risk capacity. The insurance audit then analyses your insurance policies and reveals potential savings. You receive benchmark information through comparisons with similar companies.

Cost optimisation/tender process
Our negotiating skills and market expertise guarantee you optimal premiums for tailor-made insurance solutions. We know which insurance carriers are currently looking for which risks. We are familiar with the market and guarantee the best price at the time of the tender.

Annual strategy meeting
Changes in risk and the claims data for all insurance contracts are discussed at an annual strategy meeting. Together we decide on clear facts and determine which policies should be written.

Loss ratio (example)


Ongoing advice and support
You ask, we respond or clarify for you.

Document check
Reviewing all documents such as policies, invoices, declarations.

Support in the event of a claim
Managing the negotiations to safeguard your interests.

Policy summary
Detailed annual summary of all insurance policies.

Revision of HR regulations
Reviewing and revising HR regulations if the insurance cover changes.

Visual representation of personal insurance
Chart of the interaction between factory and social insurance in the event of an illness or accident.

When awarding a broker mandate, we recommend that you consider the following:
  • Check the competence, reputation and references of the consulting firm
  • Are the people presenting the services also the ones who will subsequently work with you?
  • How are the consultants trained?
  • Have deputies been appointed?
Do not sign a broker mandate with a notice period of more than three months. From a legal standpoint, a broker mandate is a mandate as defined by OR 394 et seq.

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